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You can save lot of time, money and energy by deciding to get your Degree online.

Online Degree delivers the same quality of education as that of traditional Degrees. That is why Our Online Programs are fully accredited by HERQA.

We use Moodle LMS technology. Just download our mobile app  or learn from your computer.

All your course modules include recorded videos, power-point slides, course books and exercises with solutions to help you learn independently and flexibly during the day, at night or over the weekends.

If you have difficulty in your independent learning, your professor will always help you during your scheduled live forum.

Live forums are video conference, phone conference or live chat session with your professor and or fellow classmates.

Our online learning modules are designed to include fully automated quizzes, assignments and Final examinations which is 100% online. 

You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to take your final exam. Just take it from your computer.

We have a Digital Library with over 40,000 academic books; and a system of external journal libraries & Research Databases  that you can rely on where-ever you are 

Enjoy the finest Education Management Portal that you can use to manage your profile, payments, courses and grades and download your student copies when you need thwm.

You don’t have to worry about carrying cash or coming to our office to make your payments. We have different options to pay online, by mobile phone or direct bank deposit.

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